Customer Management

The most important part for any business is sales, and sales always come from satisfied customers, being service industry here customers expects services up to the mark. Right Soft helps you to deliver required services to the customer in a professional way also helps to bring fitness experts, doctors and business analysts on one platform with one Goal “Customer Satisfaction”

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• Provide Fitness and Medical assessment.
• Provide more closely required work out and diet plans.
• Provide Doctors & fitness experts advice on one to one basis.
• Provide automatic fitness progress charts for members.
• Member can view classes schedule.
• Members can star rating to their trainers
• Members can use this software through their mobile app.
• Its free on play store.

Business Management

This software helps to stream line your business in a very smooth way. Right soft will help to work on all sections of your business like admin, sales, training, accounts, purchase and at last members can access there services. You can promote your packages and products through this software easily. It’s a one best E.R.P( Enterprise resource planning).

Fitness Path Lab

This is unique feature, in this user can integrate their Fitness as well as medical reports, which can be viewed any point of time at any device like mobile etc. You can also transfer these reports to your doctor’s as well as fitness expert to understand your goals and your fitness issues in a better way, this will help them to deliver you desired results more accurately and quickly.

Marketing & Sales

The most important component for any business is sales and growth for any business depends only on sales. This software helps to understand the requirement of the end user this will help you to work in the required direction to catch maximum sales without wasting a time, energy and money.

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• Automated follow up client
• Sales prediction
• Prospective customers.
• Members feedback.
• Staff performance and their incentives.
• Business analysis reports
• Chatting with business analysts
• Reason for member drop
• Staff training programs

Doctors Analysis

In this feature member can view a doctor as well as fitness expert’s advice on the basis of their reports even member can exchange their views with them. This will help members to get advice any time on their mobile app.

Billing & Gift Cards

In this feature you cangenerate E.bill, payment receipts, online payment, staff commission etc You can use gift card and discount cards for your promotional activities. Later you can view total discount offer, detail of members who avails discounts and many more. It is user friendly

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• Create & Email System generated bills and receipts
• Online payment through website
• Balance payment tracking
• Staff commission tracking

Class management

Manage Group classes timings is always a difficult part and also to convey members new update time is difficult issue. But through Right soft it is easy to manage by sending sms and notification at their mobile app.

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• Schedule classes and their respective rooms and trainers.
• Update members about classes through sms and notification on their mobile app.
• Trainers can view their timings through sms and notification and their attendance will be mark once they check in.
• This will help you to understand members favorite class and trainer.


Point of sale functionality is also available in this software. In this you can manage your product sell as well as inventory. It generates E bill and payment receipt against the product sale. In this you can add and manage n number of items without any limit.

Smart Watch Integration

This software is integrated with smart watch where you measure different parameter and automatically integrated with this software to give you desire report.

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• Heart rate
• Calorie Burn
• Distance
• Blood oxygen monitoring
• Blood pressure

Dynamic Reports and analysis

Ultimately, we all need reports to understand the requirement of business, so that you can take required step for the sake of business growth. Right Soft will help you to view hundreds of reports covering most of the parameters, if you require any customized report this will also can be generated dynamically.

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• Financial reports
• Staff Management reports
• Sales & Marketing reports
• POS reports
• Members Reports
• Access control reports
• Business analysis reports

SMS and Bulk mail notification

This software has the functionality of bulk sms and mail, which can be used for promotional activities and also to wish members on any particular occasion. Members will also get message on every successful transaction about their package, payment and validity through sms and mail. To save paper you can also mail the payment receipts through mail to the members.

Day Book

This software has the functionality of day book to handle day today expenses and cash in hand. It gives you a very fair idea about the daily cash movement like bank deposit, handover or expense. You can also cross check your sales and expenses through this.

Mobile App

Right Soft provide you mobile app for admin, sales, trainers & members through mobile they can view and control. Here are the brief details.
• Can view collection, balance payment and their due dates.
• Members renewal.
• Can view follow up and their messages
• Staff and members attendance.
• Stop accessing gym facilities to defaulters.
• Staff roaster.
• Drop out members and their reason.

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• Create leads anywhere any time.
• View your individual clients
• View your individual incentives
• Can view their roaster.
• Group classes schedule
• Can create work out card, diet card and fitness assessment.
• Master trainer can give advice member wise after viewing their reports.
• Can view their complete profile
• Can view their membership.
• Can renew membership online.
• Can view work out, Diet card and fitness assessment.
• Can view and chat with fitness experts and doctors.
• Can view all medical & fitness reports.
• Can view progress chart.
• Can view attendance.
• Can view group classes schedule.
• Can give star rating to trainers.
• Can view personalized trainers.

Access Control

Unauthorized access in gym or any other facility is the biggest problem for this industry. Reports says fitness industry loses 15 to 20% of the revenue due to unauthorized use of facility. This all happen due to the lack of system or dependency on manual systems. Right soft helps to provide secure system and to helps to stop maximum leakage.

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• Allow/Disallow access to members on the basis of expiry, pending payments or black listed.
• Allow/Disallow access members on shift basis.
• This can be integrated with any thumb impression, retina scanner or card.
• Track members and staff attendance.
• This can be integrating with smart watch also.